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1 April 2007

Painful :(

The Monaches of this strange and fair realm, namely the King and I had just finished a pound the Queen heavily with a large silicon dildo when the King could not contian himself any longer. He pushed me over onto my back and thrust in hard.

Now I had been in estacy with the dildo but had been on my knees head and upper body stretched upwards towards the cieling. This had just seemed a noval position especially as I felt slightly nuesias.

The poor King thought he had done something really wronge as I start swearing visoucly and pushing him off of me. My god it felt as if the all my tubes wear swollen and sore and the deep thrusts were bad as the deeper in the worse it was. There came a horrible ache up boths sides around the back – DAMN DAMN DAMN.

Yes you guest it yet another fucking water infection. These come on quickly for me though the type of nuasea should have told me what was going on. I never notice the lower back pain as there is so much pain in that region all the time and since having the Lady the water infections just seem to suddenly hit and then my slight latex allergy flares to give a double whamy – I am not a doctor so my reporting of this is from what I have understood from the conversations I’ve had with the doctors and nurses and knowing me I have probably got it all back to front and upside down.

No matter….


Sigh and it is also not good for someone with my libedo as it makes penetration whilst laying on my back painful. Doggy style with its deeper thrusts is out also.

Well at least it means we have to be inventive – so its not all bad.