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2 April 2007


‘When can I fuck your arse again?’

‘Erm… I have a confession about that,’ he looks at me quizzicially with his saphire eyes.

‘Oh yes?’

‘Well you see I really really wanted you to butt fuck me so I went and tried to do it by myself and I’ve er… made myself sore,’ I blush.


‘Did you use lubricant?’

I shake my head, ‘I sort of forgot…’ more blushing.

More laughter, ‘Oh silly Vampyra! Never mind. What if I just put a finger up there.’


‘Oh dear,’ he hugs me and then leads me to our chambers. ‘Nevermind it’ll just have to be your cunt then wont it and I’ll just pump it until I come.’ He pulls me into an enpassioned embrassed.

Tip of the day: use lube, though it was still a fun wank without it 😉