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3 April 2007

Scared to be Spanked

This was most unlike me, the King had me on all fours and was heartily spanking me but then he reached for his belt – now he has whipped me with it before and it was wonderful but I have never seen him reach for it before.

Seeing this motion and knowing the intend engendered within me a revolted fear and I froze unsure of what to do, unable to tell him that I did not want to be thrashed. I felt panic raise within me and my vision begain to shut down.

Fortunatly the King, gentle monache that he is, scensed that something was not right and so started asking me if I was ok. It was obviousl that I was not and so he hugged me, made me feel safe, then we had gentle sex as he was feeling protective of his Queen.

I am concerned that I had this reaction, it has never occured before, I like my kink and will be heartily peeved if it is ruined becuase of this.