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4 April 2007

The Kings Morning Wish

He stoked me awake, he kissed me passionatly and wispered in my ear, ‘so when can I fuck your arse again?’

I smile up at him, ‘Now if you want?’

He grunts and pushes me to the bed in passion, I can feel how hard he is through his thin night attire, his manliness is pushing at me. Then he strips me and asks what possition, I choose all fours.

Amazingly quick he has the lubracant and the gloves on. The coldness hits me and I remember to relax, then he is pushing at it with his finger, going in deep where it is forbidden, my excitement mounts – something alot bigger is soon going to be in there and with this much sensation now….

‘Stop wriggling so much,’ he grunts.

‘I’m… sorry..’I pant.

Now he’s pushing at me with his dick, and I want it in me so much. I want to feel the warm sensation of his hot phallus sliding in and out of my arse – somehow so much more intermate than the virgina. His hands firmly repostion me to make entry easier.

‘No,’ he says and I look round, ‘you’re simply wriggling too much,’ He is forcefully flipping me over so I am on my back. ‘We’ll do it this way,’ He hold my legs up in the air and I tilt my lower back to show him my hole. Pleasure spreads across his face.

And then it is there again the pressure, the prodding and then it slides in and I moan. Oh how full I feel – he slides out, I put my feet on his shoulders so he can snog me.

He squeezes my breasts with his ungloved hand, he closes his eyes and his lips curl in a slightly arogant way as he thrusts deeper, the intesnsity of his expression itself brings on my libido. I try not to thrust into him knowing that will be to much for me – but my god it was hard.

And then the pleasure, the sensation reaches a level that I can not bare and then he is thrusting so hard that yes it is painfull and then he shudders eyes closed, pure joy making him glow like an angle.