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6 April 2007

Romantic Comedy Moment

Picture the scene if you will, the King has just come and I am quiet sated myself when he says, ‘erm.. when you get up you might have a condom wrapper cuaght in your hair.’

I look at him.

‘Its just well it was where your head is now and I can’t see it anymore.’

‘Well as long as we find it and I don’t go into town with it in my hair tomorrow.’

Fits of laughter.

‘How Bridget Jones!’ we say in unison – yes we are indeed that sad, although the king is sadder than I as I have never seen the film and he is always quoting the bloody thing at me!

Ashamedly now though I find my mind working on the plot of a (dramatic and sinister drum roll please) Romantic Comedy – Of all the things – I hate these films what am I thinking?