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9 April 2007

The dildo and the hand

I am naked and kneeling on the bed, my thighs at right angles to my lower legs, they are spread slightly allowing the King access to my moist and oh so ready for fucking areas.

He is kissing me, as naked as I. I can smell his manlyness, the metallic tang it creats in the air makes me giddy with lust, I want to lick him, lick him clean but instead I smother his torso in kisses. His strong fingers caress me in all the right ways and I moan, holding onto him for support.

Then he is entering me with his other hand, thrusting it in and out, this is intense, this is too much and just when the moaning threatens to become too loud he withdraws. I have a split second of regret and sorrow before I find myself being pounded soundly with a dildo.

His arm is pistoning in and out, he is silent and intense with the effort and I feel his muscles, his lovely geek musles really working to bring me this pleasure and I ache to return this jester. I long to touch his man parts, long to take that which I don’t have into my mouth. I burn for it. I start to shudder with orgasimic tension.

His hot tongue penetrates my mouth sending me over the edge to the intensity of sensation that is my orgasim.