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11 April 2007

Cuming Hard

I place upon myself the virginal night attire of old, the sort of frilly lacing thing I detest but the King adores as he thinks I Vampyra look cute in them – I look like something out of Pride and Prejudice that’s what I look like!

Still I lay in the bed lamenting the awakeness that plagues the mind when sleep should adorn it.

‘Come here,’ orders the King.

I snuggle up to him and he kisses me, I know he is sleepy but insomniatic also so am suprised and emensly turned on by the hard warmth that pokes at me out of his still evident underware.

‘Fetch me a baby wipe,’ he breaths and this I do. Then his phallus is free and he is rumbing it on me as we kiss. ‘Ok goodnight.’ He smiles.


He grins and pretends to settle for the night.

‘Think you’re getting away with that Mr? Pleasure me NOW!’ His hand is between my legs before I even finish telling him off.

He nibbles my neck and pushes his divinly warm phallus into my side, I groan and grind, burning for his cock inside me.

‘Are you going to fuck me or what?’

‘You haven’t sucked my nipples or stroked my cock or cupped my balls in your hand, how can I fuck you?’ he asks emploringly. I pull him too me and kiss him hard and cup his man sacks gently, less I scare this fragile horny creature – he moans.

I stroke his memeber, ‘I need to be rock hard to fuck you, so very hard, please suck my nipple!’ he gasps. I flick his right nipple after hesitating over his left for a good while. He shudders, ‘I want to be aching for release – when I penetrate you.’ I suck hard on his nipple and his voice rises several octaves.

‘That is enough,’ I say to him ‘don’t want you cuming too soon do we?’

He tries to pounce me and ram his meat into me, ‘nah-ha, you need to make me more horny first.’

He is tense with disire and whispers to me of how he is going to pound me soundly from behind and then when I am ready he is going to flip me onto my back and finish me off. I judder with disire and allow myself to be positioned. Then he his fucking me hard and it is glorious!

I am moaning and he is playing with my clit, making me thrust back into him to try and escape the unbearably intense sensation of mounting orgasim. Just as I can not contain myself and think I will go insane he extracts his Pleasure Maker and flips me as promised.

I grind myself on his leg.

‘Lazy Vampyra!’ he grunts, ‘laying on your back expecting me to do all the hard work! On your side now.’ He pulls me into a position that is indeed better for the grinding of ones cliteros on your partners thigh.

‘Give me that cock!’ I cried and roll back to my previous position, he smiles and mounts me but I tense my legs baring him, denying him access to the very thing that we both want. I really like doing this little trick I only learnt it about a month ago but still….

His frustration mounts and he gives up, ‘fine I’ll sleep then,’ he sulks.

‘Oh go in if you must.’ He grins slightly preditorially and fucks me hard.

He bits my neck and I think I’m going to suffocate in his glorious chest and I love it, love his smell and his strength. And then we are crying in unison and I feel my own shudders around his and he pumps hard with the after pulses, giving me the last possible pleasure his body can give.

And then he has the dildo and then he is ramming it into me, and I pull his body to me, ‘I need to feel your warmth, to feel it is you pleasuring me,’ and then we kiss and he alters tempo and then I am almost screaming and then at the apex of three hundred dirty pounds of a silicon toy I cum, and I mean really cum.

I ejaculate for Britian – what is this my seventh time ever? And it was the hardest and strongest yet. Lets just say it was a changing the bedding jobby and I was all shaky legged from it and the carm warmth spread through me and we hugged and kissed and fell into an exhausted and dreamless sleep.

I have discovered that I love cuming hard. Oh god just writing this makes me want to wank…