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14 April 2007

Abstract Kink

The King disliking my need to role play in the chamber of lust has started on this concept of Abstract Kink – now this is our term for it and I am sure it has a proper name out there but what that is we do not know.

The concept is to take the disire down to its base state – what is it about the soidler/peasant girl senario? Or the Preist and Nun? Or the school girl and teacher? What am I actually craving?

It would appear that it is authority but authority not being able to completely control itself becuase of its desire for me. And so is born the King not acting a roll but just telling me to suck his cock in that tone or telling me he is going to thrash me with his belt. He is happy as he does not have to think of plot or characterisation (things having become so dire that I would have to give him a little synopsis before we started – which ruined it a bit) I am happy as I am still getting the same psudo aggressive passion and control over my actions.

Then there is the Bondage with out Ropes – a freind told him of this one and as I have little/no self control over my erotic self which is impatient and impulsive and ruins half the pleasure for herself – this has prooved most useful.

You have to try and stay in the postition demanded, say index fingers touching in a peak in front of the face, if contact is broken then the shag stops. I have a tendency to become a bit overly noisy so a common one for us is me in silence – I rarely manage it!

This is prooving fun – I am sure it has its own name out there in the real world – maybe I should do some research!