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16 April 2007

The Nature of My Kink

Vampyra, Vampyra so what type of Queen of Kink are you? What are you ‘in to’?

(translation – Pick a sexual sub-culture please.)

But, but… erm… well – you know I don’t think I have one, I was not aware that that is how it works. I sort of just like to try things and see whats hot and whats not.

What? – So you are a Vanilla spicing it up?

Vanilla? Oh yeah I read that term in those bondage books the King got me in the other genres avalible bit… what does it mean? -Pretending your a virgin and innocent or something?

what? Well its just sort of normal sex, plain normal.

Why does normal sex get a name all to itself? How are those books going to be erotic litrature surely they’ll just be love storys with sex rit large or they will be so unbelievably innane that my brian is seizing just thinking about it?

Normal sex isn’t boring…

(I really should have just not started the conversation)

This established panic mounts and your Queen runs to her King.

Do you think I’m kinky?

Yes too kinky.

Too Kinky?

Oh no… I’ve done it again havent I?

Done what?

I’m on the cusp of two worlds

What worlds? You act like there is some sort of special Kink club and that they are not going to let you in becuase you’re not kinky enough Vampyra.

Ye-es, well I think that sort of is the case.

Sigh, I think you worry about fitting in too much.

Well yes that is one of my problems isn’t it? I can’t go to a fetish club and pull!

Why not?

I don’t even know what to wear :'( Man I don’t even know where to find one.

I thought you went to that one with Gothica and Co?

Well yes but we didn’t know it was a fetish club, we thought it was just a club…

Vampyra the only reason that you are not more kinky is that you haven’t had the oppurtunity to be. I am the main thing holding you back, I sense the frustration in you, you need to find someone to be really Kinky with.

But I don’t have a specific kink! (I am wailing by this time)

(he looks at me) Ri-i-ght.

Ok ok but I couldn’t pull whilst single so what am I going to do now as a marriade woman?

You’re far more confident now, you just need to try.

But I’m scared! Besides I didn’t realise that this stuff wasn’t just you know normal?


Well it will make things even harder wont it? I not only want a boyfriend whilst being married but I want one who will let me tie them up and who will tie me up and who will let me hit him and will hit me and will dress up in girls cloths and will roll play and will let you do him in the arse and will preferable be a friend but be someone we trust around the Lady….

(Yeah not going to happen) – sigh I can’t even do sex normally.