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18 April 2007

Wet and Wild

We stand in pure clean nakedness the warm stream of water caressing our bodies whilst we embrace. I ache to kiss his nipples so hard and small and perfect against his pale geek thin chest. His (getting there) muscly arms stroke my damp hair from my face as I snuggle against him.

‘If you get me horney I’ll have to come on your tits.’ He whispers.

‘Perfect,’ I moan and attack his nipple with my tongue, suck, flick, nip. He tenses and moans – holding me to him. His erection grows and he is gloriously hard and I feel the response to this sight within myself.

I reach down and stroke his cock with my damp fingers, his fingers strong form all those keybord strokes push there way to my clitoris and he plays me. I can not allow him to continue as my legs go weak with the intensity.

My denial stings but he has other plans for those fingers, well one at least, as I gently squeeze his erection like it needs to be milked, he is stroking my buttocks and then the finger is finding my other whole and then together in the stream of warm water we masturbate. Me giving him my inexpert hand job knowing, I will not make him come and him fingering my arse, something we both adore.

I push myself hard against him, loving the feeling of this. He takes over the massarging of his member, and I lick my finger and thumb so that I can tweak one nipple whilst sucking the the other.

He is shaking with intense desire and moans gently, parting his lips slightly, we kissed hotly; passionatly – then I am back to his little nipples hard and inviting, in my mouth.

And then he tenses and shudders face angled up in blissfull abandonment I watch with satifaction as he ejaculates over his hand. Feeling only a slight pang of regret that it was not over my breasts or within my mouth.