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21 April 2007

Buster the Pine Rabbit

Whilst in the land of little death I had a vision, other wise known as a dream.

Our feline companions had conrnered a large rabbit made of pine fronds with little minni pine cone things as eyes – this rabbit was alive – animated and it was not best pleased.

I rescued it and it was aggressive and spitful when picked up, never the less I took it into the house and dressed it wounds. It somehow aquired the name of Buster and begain to slowely turn into something approaching a more realistic rabbit – you know the type with fur!

Buster was a large ill tempered rabbit with an attitute of a cat, a grumpy cat. The rabbit was big, one of those giant domestic ones – except it had the brown with underlaying grey fur of the little wild rabbits.

It was scared and forever sparring with our feline companions. In fact Buster acted so much like a cat that we even put it out at night with the cats. Buster would also jump into your lap to be stroked but struggled and bite anyone who attempted to pick it up – the stronge claws would also rack my arms to shreds.

I loved this rabbit – strange as Buster only ever existed within this dream – wonder what an analyst would make of it?