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22 April 2007

Silent but Intense

‘Climb on top of me?’ he asks softly.

I try but am shaky form having over done doing the house work and fail misrably. ‘I’m sorry.’

‘Shhh, you have nothing to apologise for.’


‘If you apologise again I won’t shag you.’

I smile sadly, ‘you could lay on top of me instead?

He lays ontop of me taking his wait slightly on his elbows as he is awhere how fragile I had become.

He kisses me, gentle, sublime, caring and loving, then fire sparks within him, a dark intense passion. There had been no foreplay and we were just getting ready for bed when he wanted a hug. now it was fire and passion. I held him to me.

I felt him grow, neither of us said a word, he pushed gently but persistantly at me, his cock, unsheathed pushing between my folds, no penetration yet but a massaging of my cliterous and it was heaven. Then he finds me and kissing we move together. He is gripping me, hurting me, needing me, and I adore the restriction, the safe feeling of him on top of me, no escape from his pounding. I would be unable to brace myself to deny him access and yet he is gentle and intense and yet he is digging his fingers in painfully, claiming me.

I moan and placing my hands on his buttocks push him in further, deeper. I gently rake his skin, not even concous of the fact I am doing it.

The intensity grows and we are both floating in a world of pure sensation, he shifts, the spell broken.

‘Time to put a condom on he pants,’ regret echted into his features and I become sad within, knowing he is doing the right thing.

And he is back on top of me and somehow the spell resumes, entry easy this time. His tempo is building though he is still so very gentle. A groan escapes my mouth and he makes little grunting noises, his face is angled up and his eyes are closed with intense pleasure and he is shuddering and I push him as far inside me as I can – capturing that last thrust, the hardest and deepest, the timing for once perfect.

I sigh and we lay there together, loathing the thought of the inevitable seperation to come.