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24 April 2007

My Devil

Seventeen, hurt and confussed by the Rugby Player Vampyra pulled a psuedo goth geek. His dark hair and blue eyes had her entranced though she had been aiming for his flatemate. She literally fell into his lap. Luckily she was now a size ten.

It was Halloween and she was dressed a Celestia the gentle sister of Hades who bring the little sleep and comes for the sick child so they will not be afaid to go to paradise. Flares and black velvet dress, curly hair cuaght in am archiac style and a sythe her brother had fashioned for her in his craft lesson at school. Glitter featured heavily in her appearance and she was shy, this being the second party she had been to there.

He a devil covered in red paint with little home fashioned horns in his hair.

The Rugby Player had been flurting with her but had once again hurt her by taking the female Comrade she was there with and seducing her, whilst making lude motions at Vampyra. Confused hurt and slightly vengful she sort to not be left as a wall flower.

There they were the hosts, the boys she had known only fleetingly at school, the boys that had shoved snowballs down her blouse front, that had tied to convince the little first year to come behind the sports hall with the fifth and sixth formers. The boys that had seemed so inaccessible to her then though they had (according to them) been trying to seduce her even then.

They smiled at her and she blushed, Vampyra had her eye set upon ADHD boy in his Scream outfit but was unsure as her mother had ranted at her about the unsuitiblity of people with ADHD and Dyslexia form breeding and though the Queen did not feel that anything would be that serious there were always accidents and the parental parania was lodged.

They chatted to her, played on her thirst for knowledge, physics, space, scifi, she lapped it up – entranced by those boys who seemed so daring and wild and exotically dangerous.

My Devil was there and so was ADHD boy and they told her of the tutors they had had at college, and they sympathised when she spoke of the Chemistry Harriden.

My Devil was the quitest but the one with the most knowledge and he cuaght the Queen as she toppled over backwards on the settee arm, she was sitting in his lap and he was cradling her. He smiled at her and she smiled back. Starkling he resembled the King though he was paler with darker more lustrious hair. He stroked away her hair and then they were kissing, and kissing and then people where complaining so they stopped and blushed though you could not have told that with his red make up. I sat next to him, stomache sumersualting, he was a strange kisser, slightly cold in temperature but I reasoned that one person is always going to feel colder than the other.

His arm was drapped protectively over my shoulders, something I would come to dread, something that marked his possessiveness. Being blessed with a small bladder I had to leave his warmth in that too cold flate. I returned and he was standing, did I want a drink – yes? Fine lets go into the other room.

There we were and I was giddy with their attention, just talking to me, praising me for kissing My Devil, telling me how nice he was. I drank the drink offered and wondered at its taste, then feeling giggly knew that I needed to drink the stash of softs I had with me though I had bought beer to ‘donate’ to the party.

Moppily, I told of the struggle with Chemistry and they told me how they had all dropped out one by one and then the Resit Guy I had a crush on from said Chemistry class appeared, winked at me and turned out to be a good friend of theirs. Time spiralled and the night wore on and then it was a game of trueth or dare, I aware that I was four years their jounior felt lame and pathetic at my innocience beliving the playground lie that I was the only virgin left – a heavily guarded secret.

And so they asked a question I would not answer and thus my dare – to strip, no I would not, ok a strip tease dance with out the strip – fine.

And so I was on the table and I danced to I’m Horney and they appluded and lifted me bodily from the table and then ADHD Boy was failing to hide his erection so obvious in his black robe custume and the others laugh at him. Then to my own sexual reacted to this, the intensity alarming me and I was not sure how to react and so the game continued with results such as wanking in a wine glass and drinking it.

I sat in the middle of these men and some how felt wanted, felt needed, felt that my sexual disires were not wornge nor bad as I normally did. The other girl there was flashing everything but they ignored her for some reason which highly perplexed me – I still do no actually know why.

And then Radio Head Ok Computer was put on and I found myself sobbing at them – over my failure in Chemistry, of my failure to be good at anything no matter how I tried and then ADHD boy is telling me that the Moldy old Chimstry Hag probably never gave anyone one of these, showing me his erection once more. I smiled and we laugh and then My Devil was there laying claim to me, understandable now that I come to write it and I did not notice that it was a possessive move at this point anyway.

The Rugby Player was in an argument with another Comrade over my female Friend, I looked on and became jelous obserdly and she was off giving another guy a blow job in the toliets and she was worth his time was she? Whislt I was nothing?

‘Whats wronge,’ whispered my Devil, ‘nothing’ I replied and did exactly the wronge thing. I kissed him passionatly and he moved us to the edge of a bed in the room. I smiled to myself selfish in that instant, this was better than the kissing of the Rugby player, better and I wanted more. He was all over me though I remained dressed, horney but fridged in my guilt racked religon soaked mind.

And then ADHD Boy laughs and points to the fact that my female friend has made her choice of the Rugby player and ushers everybody out of the room and turned the lights out on the four of us, a bed per couple.

And then My Devil was leading me out of that room and into his, I was giddy with his scent and I was fighting the battle within myself. I wanted to be bad, I wanted to be good, I wanted a hard shag but was petrafied of rape. I was quiet frankly screwed up in my head.

And it was cold there as they could not afford heating and so we were under the covers and he was ontop of me , dry humping me and I shuddered with it, and gasped at his touch through my cloths. He was gently and did not push me, did not ask for sex did not even grop me much just was there dry humping. His bed was broken and slumped in one corner so I huddled near him, feeling that strange scense of closeness I had never known, feeling somehow important and needed and he shock with the intensity, he told me it was a reaction my presance was cuasing.

I awoke and everyone slept but my female friend who wanted to leave and so we left, I was unsure as to the nature of the kissing and dry humping. I assumed having learned from my previous experience that it ment nothing though it had me giddy and loathing to leave.

He was not awake, My Devil slept peacefully and I did not wake him, I left thinking that was what I was supposed to do.

Sunday passed in a strange sleepy blur of attempted course work and then it was college. The Pink Queen was waiting for me in our normal meeting place at the end of the day but this day to my suprise there was My Devil. I stopped unsure.

I panicked slightly and he did not come over so I worried I had been arrogant in assuming him there for me. The sun was still warm and golden and he looked up and then away from me. Others of that group come over to me and started talking and then he was there next to me, for some reason I was freaked that a 21 year old had got into the college even though they took students up to that age on.

He asked me why I’d left, I blushed and explained I had to be home, he had been worried he would never see me agian and he wanted very much to see me. He was worried that I had just left why had I not awakened him?

And so he got my phone number though he had no phone nor landline.

I felt a strange pride and fear at having been tracked down like that.

And so a srange a relationship begain.