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28 April 2007

Darlek Flowers

The King awakens and tells me of a dream he has conceived whilst in the Land of Slumber.

He was out delivering letters with Dr Who – ooo say I, which one? getting a bit hot under the collar about him and the current dish of a dr but alas no it was Sylvester McCoy (not that he was not a good Dr, he is in fact one of my favorites but definatly not in a fancible way(sorry Sylvester)).

They arrive at a house and whilst in deilvering the letters Darleks come and vandalise the cute little car – you know the one – if you do not then dear Mortals you need to go and watch some more Dr Who!

Then the Woman of the house they had just been in, came out and ranted at them saying the Kings friend had doodled all over their prize table cloths. That’s strange they think and go to investigate – sure enough it is covered in weired equations.

‘Ah,’ says the Dr, ‘it is the solution to fixing the car – I must have been working on it subconcoiusly!’ They fix the car but then the people in the house come out annoyed again as the Dr has planted some strange flowers in their garden – again they go to investigate.

Sure enough there in the middle of these peoples lawn there is an intracate display of these strange alien flowers and a slight sickly sweet smell in the air. This seems eminatly suspicious to the King who tells the people, ‘I would not smell those flowers if I were you.’

Of course this is exactly what the husband does resulting in him turning into a blood thirsty killer zombi – the Darleks have been planting these flowers as an attack on the Earth.

The King and the Dr rescue the woman and escape to the Tardis.

I personally think this would make a very good Dr who espisode, maybe though it should be the new Dr and maybe there should be some other smelly thing that makes every one kiss each other? Then he and the King could have some full on tongue action! Yeah I know silly idea Vampyra.