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9 May 2007

Dispair is a flower

Dispair the pattern is a flower

small and frigile

circle smaller onto nothing

round and round in fractual light

I want to hurt I want to fight

fractual flowers of dispair

waiting for me with razors bared

round and round to infinty

Ininty of the flowers edge

leading me on

oh how I dread this world I see

beyound me now

dispair is a flower goes on and on

8 May 2007

Nightmares on the edge of reason

blood does drip to my knee

soulfully moanfully I seek the sleep

and have I found it yet my friend

the answers long

and i fear the trend

the fiend within

stirs there still

crawling, lurking, waiting to kill

the love I have my, only dream

of a time sublime, and very clean

no pain then and no pain now

only the numbness of the silent sound

the scream ripped from the babe

who was I before you came?

On my knees begging so

I prayed that you would finially go

but when you did it didn’t help

the blood still leaks but I shall tell

Of my story dark and cold

of how I am lost and starkly bold

What do I care for what you took

the child I was lost in a book

that I shall write from my soul

you gave me a strangly worthy goal

can I forgive yet so soon?

I see you there in innocent cartoon

of a bear and a boy

I cringe and cry for this stuffed toy

7 May 2007

Little Dreams

Little dreams are little bubbles

bobbing through the air

and everywhere that I look

they burst without a care

6 May 2007


listless energy of the mind hold me close, kill me blind

listless energy of the flesh bind me tight, me to mesh

listless energy of the soul hate me now, reviel my goal

listless energy of the heart hurt me here, how to start?

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