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2 May 2007

The strangest turn on

I begin to unbutton his shirt whilst he tries to tidy the kitchen, I run my hands over his belly and ribs to his nipples, he squeals and tries to fight me off.

It was all fun untill he said that he only lets me over power him and that he can over power me when ever he wants. Annoyed I continue my persuit and he tried to proove his point and pushed me into a seat.

I was furious, I lost it a bit, and well bit him. To be fair I warned him at every stage what I was going to do – I told him to let go of my hand other wise I would bit him, he didn’t let go.

And so I bit him, and continued to bite him as he refused to let go of my hand – he was whimering in pain, he could have asked me to stop he could have let go of my hand, he did neither and so I kept increasing the pressure. To my suprise I was becoming increasingly turned on.

The more he whimpered and the more I held him to me the more exhilerated I felt. I let go in the end for fear of damaging him. Then he knelt down in front of me, ‘You have to be nice to me now’ he said on the verge of a sob. I stoked his hair.

‘Why didn’t you let go of my hand?’

‘It became a matter of principle to me.’

‘Me too.’

He nodded, the problem lurking in his past and treatment he once recieved.

Darkness and dispiar engulf me as he tries to act up to being what I want, I push him away angry, ‘Fuck you you said I couldn’t over power you.’

Mortified we both hug knowing this, seeing the chasm and fearing we cannot cross it. ‘I’m sorry,’ he says looking at me, ‘I tried to do what you want, I get things wrong.’

No he doesn’t though does he? I’m the peculiar one, and bizarrly there I am still being turn on, his plaititudes making me more so.

‘Kneel,’ I tell him. And so he does, I kiss him. ‘You’ve been nuaghtey haven’t you?’ He nods, ‘Well lets see,’ I say as I push him over. He sits there legs wide apart, leaning against our freezer. I kiss him giving the occational nip incase he is thinking of getting up.

My eyes stray as they always do – to his crotch, to my suprise I see his manhood outlined clearely and he being hard – made me pulse inside with desire. ‘I think I’m going to have punish you.’

I unzip him and through the opening in his trousers and his underware I extract his penis, make it sit there naked and bare when the rest of him is still dressed. I lick it, I take it into my mouth as far as I can, I suck it and nibble it. I stick my toungue into the end and kiss the softer skin there.

He is completely docile, he dares not grab my head to make me suck the way he wants, he groans, his eyes closed, face angled to the sky.

‘I think thats enough we don’t want you coming do we?’ Not sure why I said this but he looked at me longingly and I actually orgasimed!

‘Now I think it’s time for you to get back to work isn’t it? Now what should I make you wear? Nothing? No too cold, just your underware? My underware? My PVC dress? No you dressing gown with nothing else on so I have access to this cock when ever I want.’

I couldn’t resist giving it a few squeezes and a few more sucks and lots of kisses. ‘What do you think?’

‘I think its time for bed?’ He pleaded.

I smile.

‘Perhapse then you can demonstrate how you can over power me.’ He nods enthusiastically, ‘Maybe you could wear your dress?’

‘Maybe,’ I say as I lead him up the stairs.