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2 July 2007

Our Anniversary

The King bought me a nice thick black dog collar with silver stars and two attatchment points on it for our anniversary – the theme this year was leather.

This has made me very very happy and I can’t wait to try it out :)

2 July 2007

Last Chance

I climbed into the bed, the King lay there looking at me naked and buetiful, ‘How are you feeling?’ he asks.

‘Still sick,’ I reply but then lean over to kiss him, ‘but not too sick to shag.’

His eyes light up, ‘I was hoping we could take advantage of the fact this is the last time we are going to be on our own for like a week…?’

I smile and nod, ‘tell me what to do then.’

‘I’m not up to doing that, is that ok?’

I smile – ‘of course.’ We kiss and he started urgently tugging at my T-shirt.

‘Take your cloths off?’ he pleaded.

I picked up the vibrator, ‘Not yet I need to get ready first.’ I made him kiss me more, he nibbled my neck, he pawed at the T-shirt. I took it off and he flicked my nipple with his tongue whilst moaning, his dick was hard and hot and brushing my leg.

I shuddered with his warmth, ‘are you ready to fuck me?’ I asked.

‘Not yet..’ he said pulling me gently to him, his mouth and lips kissing me feverishly, ‘touch my cock whilst you masturbate?’ I sighed and reached between his legs and there it was waiting for my touch, my caress.

‘I love touching your cock whilst masturbating,’ I breathed in his ear.

‘I’d noticed,’ he said and then gently thrusted in my hand, I feel his muscles tensing as he did it. I sucked his nipple, feeling him pulse within my hand, he was so warm and then he was ready.

‘You hold the vibrator,’ I told him and he nodded and I moaned, sucked his nipple feeling his mounting desperation, knowing that he was going to fuck me all the harder for this delay.

‘I want to loose the vibrator,’ he pleaded and so I conscented. Then too my suprise his warm gentle fingers were plying their skill to me whilst he kissed passionatly, I gasped, writhed agaisnt him. I rolled over onto my front, ‘You want to be taken from behind?’ he whispered longingly. I nodded unable to talk from the pressing organism aching for release.

Laying on my stomach with my legs parted he pushed for my opening but missed it repeatedly hitting my clitorios with his manhood which was delicous though cuasing him endless frustration. I relented and guided him in. The pure pleasure of his pressure thrusting in to me with his warm body pressing me down into the sheets, I gave little grunts with every entry, high pitched moans of excitement as his tempo increased.

The I shifted and closed my legs to see what affect this would have, whilst angling my arse so that he had good access still. It was heaven, the preassure with in increased and appeared to no longer be in danger of slipping out. I held his hand as he gently rutted me. Flexing myself I pushed back slightly at him, into his rhythem, I was in the sensation there was nothing else and then he thrust so deep that I cry and moan and his own grunt releases his orgasim. I thrusts out until he is too flacid giving me more pleasure from his after shocks.

He then nuzzeled my breast and pounded me with the dildo, buetiful, pure bueatiful!