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4 July 2007

Anal Eaze Disastor

The King really wanted anal sex and we had run out of KY but we did have the ‘freebee’ descensatizing stuff that had come with my dog collar, we descided we might as well use it.

It did indeed make things tingle and numb there so I didn’t feel the Kings initial entry into my arse but then he assuming that things were fine and went to thrust – agony, buring stinging agony :(

Not good not good

He had to pull out and I just rolled on the bed trying not to cry with the burning – we think there were two factors at work here a) not being able to feel him enter my body wasn’t prepered for the thrust and b) I’m allergic to somehting in this particular lubricant – it hurt for days I still am a bit nervous about next time he fucks my arse even though I know this disastor wasn’t his fualt.