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6 July 2007

Naughty Horney Doggy

For our aniversary the King got me a black dog collar which I’m sure I’ve already raved about – that night he put it on me and I became Naughty Horney Doggy.

I licked his face, I pounced on him and becuase he had made sure I was naked first I rubbed myself on his leg being selfish and animalistic. He gave me orders which like a puppy I obeyed – reluctantly yet getting completely carried away.

He told me he would have to take me for walks and tie me up in front of shops and I asked if other doggies would come and mount me. He said maybe but he was worried they’d be too rough with his little Doggy so maybe he’d only tie me up at parties where he could keep an eye on me.

I got so very very very turned on and he forced Nuaghty Horney Doggy to have an orgasim by his fingers and then he bent me over and shagged me.

It was delicous, it really was.