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7 July 2007

Erotisism of the last Disastor

I managed to hurt my hands attempting half heartedly to do the Kings Slave Labour for the Ancestor, the King had to attend them and at one point I had to sit for half an hour with them incapacitated. I demanaded that the King feed me which he did though I was awkard about it – this in itself some how prooved highly erotic to me.

But then he started ‘rebelling’ for want of a better word and begain to position the food slightly awkardly or out of my reach and due to where my hands had to be this was quiet frustrating and restrianing. Somehow this made it even more erotic for me espcially when the food was placed on my breasts (though I was fully clothed) and he laughed as I tried to get it and had to resort to my tounge.

Strange the things that turn me on!