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10 July 2007

Naughty Doggy’s PVC night

Naughty Doggy washed herself and then squeezed herself into the black PVC three panelled lace up skirt and a lace up black PVC top over black super cleavage bra.

She checked in the mirror and was pleasantly suprised at how none fat and ugly she looked though the stretch marks were still a little bit visible, she then placed her dog collar around her neck and did it up as tight as she could stand.

Naughty Doggy is unfortunatly a bit cutesy and went and waited for her master whilst he continued coding inspite of the cleavage glaring at him. He lammented the knot on the cord I had attatched to both attatchment points of the collar and hastally fixed it telling Naughty Doggy to – come here!

He then lead Naughty Doggy to the banister rail and tied her too it, she still tried to follow him downstairs though. He then came back after about half an hour and untied Nuaghty Dogy and took her through to the bedroom where he told her to, ‘SIT’ and tied her to the bed post.

Naughty Doggy watched as the King started putting the luandary away and tidying the bedroom and Mildly Horney Doggy suddenly became very horney and got the vibrator and started to rub herself with it. ‘Sush!,’ the King said crossly, ‘No noise, I don’t want to here a sound out of you!’ and he continued to put away the washing.

Naughty Doggy watched him, thinking about him, frustrated and trying not to moan with her masturbation efforts, three times the King had reprimand Naughty Doggy for moaning.

Naughty Doggy wanted the King sooooo much, wanted his dick, wanted to have it in her mouth or cunt. She stole a pair of the clean underpants the King was trying to put away and chewed them. The King left her with them untill he had finished and then yanked them out of her mouth.

Then donestic chores done the King slowely removed his garments as if to tease poor Nuaghty Doggy! He then untied her and pulled her over to him were she knew he would punish her for being nuaghty. He spanked her backside whilst she kissed him enthusastically. Naughty Doggy doesn’t mean to be nuaghty she just get carried away and is controlled by her sex drive.

Nuaghty Doggy sucked his nipples and had felt his hardness but before she could even do anything to him, he pushed Naughty Doggy onto her back and then began to fuck her hard, squeezing her breasts through the shiny black top telling her what an obediant Doggy she should be.

Naughty Doggy angled herself to his pounding to make sure he pushed deep. He wanted to anally fuck Naughty Doggy but we still have no lubricant and she is still recovering from last time though she wanted him in there too. ‘The last couple of times you’ve let me go really deep’ he whispers to Naughty Doggy and she moans.

Naughty Doggy really isn’t any good at keeping quiet but she tries.

The King moved Naughty Doggies leg so that he was holding it up towards the ceiling and could fuck her deeper – taking his pleasure from her cunt, Naughty Doggy likes this and insisted the other leg join it so he was rutting her like the slut she is. Naughty Doggy shuddered and wondered if she had got girl juice on her skirt.

The King then with drew from Naughty Doggy and ordered her to lick him clean but Nuaghty Doggy was too intent on him and rolled over wanting to be fucked from behine. Smiling the King obliged though informed Naughty Doggy that he was not going to lick her out as punishment for her disobedience, at these words Naughty Doggys insides pulsed and she thrust back at him.

The Kings hands were so warm and tender on Naughty Doggys back and his cum thrust was so hard that Nuaghty Doggy shuddered in response.

Vampyra likes being Naughty Doggy :)