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11 July 2007

Sod off Posh Toffs

They arrived in droves, hording all the seats, spreading the newpapers out and performing their little rituals. They push I – the Queen of the Goths out of the way as if I were unto nothing!

Their arrogance twisted their over manicured features turning the most gladly and fine clad figures into grotesque figurines akin to the most hideous gargoyels.

They march up to those in service and demand the impossible, they even step beyound the sacred ‘Staff Only’ signs, in order to poke and jab those who are trying their best and have a thousand times more patience than I.

They ignore the pervayors of fine wares for charity events and those selling the Big Issue – neigh they are in fact rude and distainfull to these people – Only to spend the money on gambling and drink. I should think this combination will lead to fisty cuffs and the such like once the sun has set.

Oh the stupidity and pointnessless of these people, if I see one more hat that should be only seen on a Brides Mother I might have to inscert it where the solar jewel of this system doth not shed its glourious light.

This is all I have to say on this matter.