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12 July 2007

Selfish Me

Two of my friends break up and though I pour out the latitudes and condolensces and hope both will still be mine and the Kings friend – I have a nasty secret about it – about what my true reaction was.

to wit:

Oh good that means I can seduce Mr Floppy Hair the male half of the couple.

I should not be thinking this but before they were going out Mr Floppy Hair would seek physicial contact from me and the King, would encourage me to sit on his lap whilst I held the Kings hand. The this all stopped becuase he begain to go out with my other friend who is somewhat clingy and jelous but I have always been attracted to Mr Floppy Hair and without him I would never have met the King.

He is by his own admition bi-curious and seems readily drawn to the King. Of course I met him becuase I pointed out the cute guy I wanted to pull to an ex-friend of mine.

I know he was interested in us sexually though we were all blundering around in the dark abit unsure as to what was acceptable and then it all went majorly on hold.

I can not believe I am this selfish though – why was that my main conscern rather than their happyness and how they are feeling at the moment?

Of course I had been suspecting it would happen now for a while but the trueth is that during the whole relationship I have been waiting for them to break up. I am only really annoyed becuase it was alright for her to have extra partners but not for him which I found just wronge :/

So Vampyra is feeling evil and confussed and horney – nothing new there then.