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13 July 2007


This is all Bitchy Jones’s fualt well and the fact that her post came on the heels of a discuession I’d had with the King.

Now I wouldn’t say I’m into necrophillia nor that I have a zombi fetish but I think I do have a gothic undead thing going on. I adore Kai from Lexx and when it comes to Vampires and the like – well ok I am an Anne Rice fanatic.

Now its one thing to like these undead beings but it goes furthure than that its not just becuase they tend to look/act in away thats seem gothic, it is the fact they are dead – not alive and generally have had to go through a lot of suffering to get there.

The film The Chronicals of Riddik are a favourite for me – the way the Necromongers convert people to their religon the whole passing through pain through death just holds me captivated. Watching characters put on acid eyeliner and the bueatiful Kyra (Jack) just had me captivated.

I find deep within me hiddened erotasism with a rather nasty streak – this has been coming out in many of the stories I have writen rescently. With Angel queens taking what they want and gleefully killing the youthfull strong giver. MY mind works in a treachorous way and I look at the concept of making myself a zombi and I am off writing reams on the subject. My heroine is divine and beuatiful and cruel. Lustful and heartless she is many things and she takes the men for granted.

But there are two things over lapping here – one is the protection that an undead man may provide the stronge unyeilding soulful ness the lost feelings and emotions verses the vampires over exhubrance – both are something I seek in my inner darkness. Then to the actual process of the person becoming like this, a god of the underworld or the ultimate worrrior for their queen. I am reeling with the possibilities for stories that I know have already been writen a thousand times.

But why do I think of it as narrative and description? Becuase I can not face the prospect that maybe just maybe these are fantascys of a properlly sexual nature – that doesn’t sit well with me so for the time been I will just let my angel queens destroy their minions and watch from a distance.