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15 July 2007

Necro-Tendensies III

I’ve done even more thinking on this subject and realise that the whole death issue does have an attraction for me but it is a very confussed one – it is linked to suicide which is a very difficult matter and one I feel wronge for writting about as it is not yet a year since my friend died.

But I went out with an ex who would threaten to kill himself if I left and though I could not cope with this at the time the concept itself has a huge pull on me – stories like Romeo and Juliet – lovers dying for each other – this is what I see. Or with furthure analysis of my own stories the man knowing that they will die if they commit a certain act such as seducing the anti-heroine but they want her, need her, adore her so much that they do it anyway. This isn’t a gender thing for me either – one of the most compelling stories I remember from my teens was the Lady of Shallot.

Her love and obsession for her knight, a knight who knew not even of her existance lead her to a desperate act just to glimsp him once though she knew that it would result in her demise. It is this that I see the erotasism in and not the killing aspect. The fact that my oen anti-heroine kills heartlessly? Well it makes a better story.

Ok so I don’t really know I’m just writing what comes into my head with this stuff – its nagging at me so here I am spewing it out onto the page.