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17 July 2007


I am being paranoind my dear mortals – really paranoid but it feels to me as if my writing and painting efforts are being sabotarged at every oppurtunity!

Not by the King who has gone out of his way and done more for me on this count than he probably should have but by others – ok – thats face it the Haridians, mainly my Maternal Unit and the Walking Skeleton.

What with phoning me up and slating everything I do when they know I am trying to work and letting themselves and cats in to stomp over my drying pictures! I am going insane.

Most recently – I had sorted out a balance transfere thing to make paying my credit cards easier and had to post the form and decided that the post box at the pub was only a little further than the one in the villiage and I could sit and recover form the the walk back and get some writing done.

So I put the Lady down for her afternoon nap and made sure the King didn’t have his music on so he could hear her and that I had my phone and off trotted. I managed it with only being slightly out of breath and begain to write really well – I got an entire chapter writen, phoned the King to check that the Lady was still asleep and settled to write the second when I get a txt from him proclaiming that the Walking Skeleton had just informed him that the guy to repair the window was coming.

So I had to quaff my fizzy beaverage and hurry home – in doing so I managed to make myself really sick and was therefore useless for the rest of the day and the guy didn’t even turn up!

I know this one was just coincidence but its sometimes just feels like they are trying to sabotarge me :(