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18 July 2007

French Knickers and He Hate Pain >:(

I love my three pairs of french lace knickers that fit into your butt crack and look like lacy fitted shorts that emthasis the curves of your bottom – when I was a size ten I loved to wear them and prance around infront of the King until he shagged me. I do not wear them now but I do occasionally get the King to wear them.

On this occassion I had built up the whole thing and was very excited I made him wear the blue pair and they looked so lushious there over his sculpted little arse. Then I took his belt and made him bend over, I reached round and felt him in the lace, felt the way it stretched over his dick, felt the texture and loved him so much.

I hit him with his belt – lovely plated leather and begain to get really excited but then I cuaght his testicle and the sod curled up in pain and would not play anymore and I loved him in those knickers and now he is saying its their fualt becuase of where the seam is!

I’ve offered to get him some proper male lacy knickers with room for the necassery but he has refused them aswell – I am not happy about this especially as he recons he really, really hates pain all the time at the moment.

Vampyra goes off to sulk or maybe to masturbate thinking on what he looked like in the knickers.