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26 July 2007

Cataclism and Stress

My dear mortals your Queen has had a few issues of cataclism to deal with – to wit: the Domicile flooded, contaminated water and for a while there no water.

Many people are suffering the same if not more and the first time me and the King managed to get the radio and find out some morsal of news as to what was happening – it was to hear the tragidy of the first fatalities. We were both highly saddedened as it was premature twins whos mother had gone into labour whilst being stranded by the flood and possibly a missing teenager who had been out clubbing.

We realise how lucky we are and can not bare to dwell on the misery of those families, that could so easily have been people we know and care about but in this instance just thanks to luck weren’t.

In the mean time there have been riots over water and the Bowsers are either non-existant or empty – the poor crews not being able to get to them quickly enough or not being able to find where they are ment to go.

The Lady was evacuated by us to relatives and I have managed to eat little due to that whole thing of projectile vomit that assailed us due to the Ancestor ‘looking’ after the Lady – She was I know being kindly but I went over to check to find her and other Ancients from the village allowing my baby to play in the FUCKING flood water, the filthy disgusting flood water – without even her little wellies on.

Hence – illness and mine and the Kings heart breaking decission to be seperated from our child for more time than we could have invisioned since her birth.

Bizarlly however, I have delt with this great uphevial in olur lives alot better than say having one appiance break on me – strangeness in the extreme.

I has been horrible though – I had just finished setting out the downstiars, putting all our trinkets in exact place and now – bam! We have WIPE OUT and a lot of damage and plaster that will take months to dry and will probably have to just be striped etc…

I am trying to just cope with little bits at a time – to propelle ourselves forward a bit at a time – least the world cave in on me once more.