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26 September 2007

The Nightmare Continues

The Anscestor in our first week of residing in her attic has so far informed me that we have too many types of milk and could we please get rid of some of it, made the restorer people check the electrics of the fridge freezer a comrade has lent us (thinking it was our fridge freezer from the flood), asked me where all the toliet paper had gone – surelly you cannot have used a whole roll already?!

With a potty training two year old and me and the King surfering from her version of cooking where if its its not moving its fine to eat – YES WE CAN!

I am afriad dear mortals that I have already got up and just walked out of the room rather than face her hypocrasy in its crasses form. I could not bear to hear her lecture us and tell us to sell our wedding presants when the domicile is full of her furniture and all the things she thought we should have – beaten up and battered old cracked and half the time useless and ugly things – why should I throw away my stuff exactly?

To say things are stressful is an understatement and one that is resulting in breathing problems and palpatations unfortunately. I need to get through this but am not sure how I am going to manage it.