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13 July 2008


My dear mortals I am afraid that things have not been too brilliant for your Queen of late – not only has her health been rather worse for wear but her Maternal Parental has decided to move in – this would in itself be a great hardship with her strange mix of the mystic and militant Christian plus her bosses fat carcass seems to produce more rubbish and crap and be just generally dirty and untidy than anything I’ve ever seen.

Using her cancer as a weapon she has systamatically belittled everything I do and informed me of how things are not difficult for me – she is so demanding, so energy and time consuming and she never says thankyou. My brother is always so much better than me etc…. MY father looks ashen and half dead with the effort of her – she is killing him and we are not allowed to be away from her – she gives him angina attacks and lets him go hypo-glycimic – I have to watch and plan everything.

And then this woman who has always expected me to act as her slave and who left me in the hands of the Baby Sitter from Hell – informs me whilst I struggle to cope with her, my father and the Walking Skeleton who has a broken wrist and is being slightly odd due to these little minni strokes she is having, plus the Little Lady, the farm and a business that I should go out and get a full time job and that I’ll have to get a child minder – A CHILD MINDER?


she knows what I suffered what makes her think I would let that possibility any where near my Little Lsdy with her lovely innocentes?!

To say I am at breaking point is some what off an under statement.