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18 April 2009

Lightning Pain

Lightening pain a jagged edge Blossom bloomed Taste of death

Fear crawling mind fired lost in dreaming needing breath

Aching crime thought growing decaying birth fear of unknown

17 April 2009

Tears Fall

Blood pounds within my ears These thoughts again They come to bear Within me and without The pain that washes away All thoughts of pleasure and of love Me alone again Lost forlorn Tired to the edge of being Wishing he was somehow Here

16 April 2009

The Issue of Rape

I found a blog post about a rape story line in the Bill. I constructed a response to it which I felt turned into sort of a blog post itself here it is:

I didn’t see the episode but rape is a tricky subject made more so by girls being made to feel guilty about their own sexual desires meaning that that there are girls who put themselves in the path of danger. This can be seen as the girls consenting it is not but in some areas of this country there are still enclaves were it is considered that a girl is basically going to loose her virginity by getting drunk and not being able to say no.

It is also considered by some to be ok to add something to the drink to relax her. This is disguesting and I thought I had blown it all out of proportions until I met someone esle at university who had grown up near me and he mentioned this as a fact. He didn’t agree with it either.

The emotions of sex are never really explained to teenagers and it all gets very confussed as what they kids read in teenage fiction gives them very warped views of what is going on. Sex turns into a truma for both sexes with the descent boys petrified that if they appear to be interested they will be seen as a sleeze and girls thinking simultaniously that they are ugly/fat as no boy has tried to touch them and that every male is about to drag them down an ally rape them and then stab them to death.

Dressing up is seen as a come on and not dressing up results in accusations of lesbianism – of course attitudes have hopefully changed on that front since I was at school.

Looking at your post – what the Bill would be implying is that if a girl is unable to say no they are concenting which really is well stupid.

I don’t know how situations like this would be best dewlt with. I have watched girls being ostracised becuase they did take things to court – and friends perants not allowing the friends to give evidence in court becuase they didn’t want it to mar their duaghters reputation etc…

Sorry just babbling now – I’d best go.


15 April 2009

Dark Elfen Footware

Dear mortals I felt that I your queen should share with you the wonders that are known as Charity Shops. This wonderous heavens for porcalin sheep herders and guilded mirrors occassionally produce the most fantastic of finds.

I have managed to purchase the most fantastic pair of boots for £2.70!!!! They are shiny purple, sort of faded looking – slightly dark parmer violet I suppose you would call it with black flames in shiny reaching up from their pointed toes. They are knee high with a delicate heel that flanges slightly at the bottom.

I just could not believe my luck and have been prancing about in them. Mr Tiger wants me to wear them to the Esteemed capital but I shall not – at least not on ordinary days! He says they are Footwear for the Dark Elfs he has a special name for them which I can not recall in the here and now.

I will however wear them with the slightest provication – now all I need is too be able to walk in them!

I have such small feet as is fitting for an Empress of the Night that I am always startled to find adult style shoes but this also means the shop thinks they can not sell them and so they tend to be cheap :)

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