Are they Trying to Kill Me?

The Ancestor is at it again I am afriad, my lovely mortals.

There is only so much stress a genteel monach of the unearthly breathen, such as me can take. I am, I am afraid at braking point.

The walking skeleton has finally threatened the very threat that I have been afeared of since we moved into the domicile. I have spent a vast potion of time since we begian our habitation here freting about this very sinareo and being informed by many including the King himself that I was being paranoid. Unfortunatly I have been vindicated, I was right, they were wronge – and I wish it was the other way around.

In the way of Ancestors the Walking Skeleton seems to know when is most inconvient to start the barrage of – we are not good enough and are a disappointment, just as we where placing the Lady in her reciprical for travel within the chariot to take her to a place of youngling joy, otherwise known as nursery. We were already a tad tardy and did not wish to be more so as it would risk the chances of the Lady recieving the correct number of feasting periods once inscounced in the youngling hoards.

Forty-five minutes later we were finialy winding our way out of the domiciles gate into the rather too wide world. With me the Queen of the Goths in tears. Ashamadly I sobbed and sobbed. Not really at the thought of her retracting that which she promised us but more at the continual insults she rained upon me and the realsiation that our future would be annialated if we have to move again so soon.

One of her main points seemed to be that I do not dress sensibly, I had been happy the previous day to discover that garments of my favoured variety fitted me – though they be borrowed from a comrade. I prefer slashed denim, I beleive you mortals would call them ripped jeans, I was also attired in a suitably slashed skating t-shirt complete with skull imagrey, but the snow having only just melted and me being of a warm nature I had taken procuations against the cold – such as the wearing of leopard print leggings and beaten up old jumper and coat. This appears to be a major crime against what I can not percieve. Another issue withe my dress was that apparently I came to the door in bear feet – something which she considers a cardinal offense or so it would appear, with comments such as ‘I know its fashionable for warm homes but its cheaper to just waer more clothing.’


Of course it is and that would be way I have been struggling with living in a building that has inadiquate heating as it is, the Lady should not in my opion be exposed to temperatures below that which work places are legally bound to avoid.

This lead her onto the question of the adornment of our windows, why did we take down the practicle vanissian blinds? How could we be so stupid? And to replace them with nets – well that is plain rediculas. Appearently on this part of the mortall plan known as the Country you do not have net curtains – they are the providance of the ‘towny’, only suberbanites have such things inorder to spy on their neighbours. I could not believe the rot and tosh ushering forth from this womans mouth. I have since looked at the windows in the nearest town and came to the conclussion that net curtians are actually out of fashoin at this temporial impass. I however, like net curtians – I think thye are pretty and plan to get ‘fancy’ ones as soon as finances are on an even keel.

Why did I take down the Venissian blinds? Becuase they are UGLY, they do not suit the property at all – now Venisian blinds can look lovely but not in these particular windows and especially not mildew stained, cobweb covered, bent and broken ones such as these were. I was personally horrified at the grim I found on those blinds which may well be why I (coughs) destroyed them.

Why did I put up impractical net curtians rather than having no curtians as she suggested? Becuase I could not stand being told I was not standing at the sink long enough doing the washing up or having her comment on the fact I had not yet done yesturdays dinner plates when I had a Lady who was cutting a mouth full of teeth! Yes I admit it I bought and had put up net curtains that I would not have otherwised bothered with – becuase she kepty spying on me and reporting to people my every move. I can not live under such scruteny, nor do I see that I should!

Why do I keep the curtians closed? Well that started as me mantianing a tradition, my friend had died I did not open the curtians until the funeral was over – unfortunatly the curcumstances of his death where of a nature that we had to wait for his body to be relesed and for some nasty legal business to be done and dusted. By the time I did open the curtians again The Anscestor was proclaiming to all and sundrey that we were idle loaf abouts that did not get up until 1 or 2 in the afternoon.


I was no longer in the habite of opening the curtians when I awoke and so was opening them when we descended into the the downstairs realm to part take in our midday repast.

I’m afraid that then I discovered that it was far easier to keep the warmth in the house with the curtians closed, especially as I had installed thick thermal liners in said curtians. I was also immensly annoyed that someone had the audacity to ‘keep tabs’ on my movements so I just stopped opening them full stop. Of course this has lead to many and varied accusations as to what we are upto and to weather or not we are turning the Lady into a troglodite – the fact that the Lady goes on regular outings during daylight seems to be completely ignored.

We were then roasted over the nature of fuel we are combusting to keep our abode warm – we burn coal which we are well awaer is not carbon nutral but I could not breath when we had a wood fire. We changed over to smokeless coal for medical reasons and becuase it was killing me to go and fetch wood from outside several times aday when on cruthces – true the infernal sticks are gone now but the restrictions on what I should be liifting have not. Coal burns slowely and the fire needs proding maybe three times a day, with a mobile Lady and a fire guard it hurts me to open – this is all the tending of the inferno I really want to be doing.

Surely I can do this, surely I can do that? I point out the problems or the Kings does but she just continues with how I do not do ANYTHING. This is why she is considering selling when she had promised us the domiciles, we show no interest apparently. When it is pointed out that we stopped doing such things as gardening when we discovered we had no freedom to choose what to grow she said we could have asked I pointed out we had – all she had done was rattle off a list of long latin names whilst pointing at green masses of leaves!

I admit I gave up with it all which is I know the wronge thing to have done but everything I did was wronge.

The King spent all of this afternoon in negociantions and has given up his lunch hour everyday in order to placate the manipulative and stroppy Walking Skeleton who as far as I can see wanted me to be nothing more than a personalised slave for her – I am a failure as far as she is concerned as I did not dain to help with such things as the russet apple harvets whilst still on crutches and needing to use the wheelchiar for long distances.

This would all not be that bad if I did not feel inadiquate with in myself, if I did not percieve my physical limiatations as some sort of failure. I realise I am my own worst enamy but at the moment assorted Family memebers seem to be driving me to the edge of the abyss.

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