The Angel Wars

Another bizar tale that played itself out within my dream time.

A war had raged upon the earth for about four years – it was between two alien factions who never the less were sufficantly human to have the origin of all three species including our own questioned.

One lot had invaded the Earth they were large men – herculean in scale , they could have just been large men but for the the stinging, reaching, grabbing, fine white jellyfish-esk tenticals that flowed from their spine.

One of these was self proclaimed Over Lord of the Earth and was based near where I was living, I was in a strange situation as they fed off of creative energy, they liked me but could not entirely control me. Still I had a degree of freedom others did not but I had also spent most of the last four years in a research station being prodded and poked and fucked by the leader of these aliens.

I had escaped but I was not thinking properlly, I went to a book shop thinking that I could find a book I knew would help me stop them but everything had changed – the book shop was darker and more elaborate than I remember with the feel of an old department store. I picked up a book in a velvet cover, red and green and lush and begain to write in it but realised it was not the book on sonic resonance that I had been looking for but a book about one particular conductor and his orchestra.

Fearful that I would be made to take the book now I had writen in it – I moved furthure into the shop, there in the center were tables set out with art and textile books on and a mirade of students surrounding them – all feverishly working away. I wondered at the shop staff allowing this blatent use of their books.

But then I realised this must be a change put in by the aliens so they could feed off of the creativity. I sliped the book I had desorcrated onto another display table and watched the people scetching away.

I drew nearer wanting to look at the books, somehting had been nagging at me something wasn’t quiet right but I could not put my finger on it. I hovered at the edge of the table and felt the attention of the people there focus on me. Worried I with drew and hungry drove me into the coffee place ajoined to the bookshop but it was almost deserted when I remembered it as always being full.

I ordered a coffee and sat down to look at the childrens books they had scattered wondering faintly if the book I needed was there. The a door opened and it became evident that there was a bar there too.

‘Strange she is not in the bar’ I hear through the door and look around. A gaggle of women with pushed chairs come in looking worn out and faded and nervous they cluster around me and chat whilst they drink.

Then they are gone with the startling commemts on how brave I am etc… starteled I look to the door of the bar, and a man is stitting on a high stool at the corner of the bar looking at me through the open door. He smiles drunkenly at me and beakons me to go over.

I fear going over but feel it is only polite so I do, he tried to grope me but I escape and flee back into the bookshop where I see another girl getting similar treatment from three young men – tatooed and muscular. I am horrified that everyone is just watching and so I attack them.

Laughing with an edge of anger I am pushed away but the other girl runs away. I try to escape myself but they are upon me, telling me that I am pretty and I cry saying I am not and what are they doing!

Then the oddness I couldn’t work out stricks me, the only females I have seen so far have been the prenant mothers with buggys in the coffee shop there were no others – other than the girl I just rescued.

The men are kissing me and holding me at knife point my trousers half way down my legs when there is a comotion outside the window. Startled we all look up.

‘It is the Sienee we are saved!’ cries on of them and he hugs and kisses me and I reel with confussion watching the humanoid torsos on long elegant muscular black tenticals glide past, they are in specific and exact formation and their faces are covered in scary black and gilt masks – oriental in style.

All their torsos are those of slight oriental women, they march towards the other aliens and I fear the battle to come.

‘We asked for them to come but we didn’t think they would,’ breathed one of the men, I suddenely realise that they are not holding me down anymore and try for escape but one of them grabes my arm. ‘you’ll be killed in the battle if we let you go,’ one of them says and pulls me along what he thinks is a safe route but then the original aliens invade the book shop and the general leader person spies me and is angry he lifts all four of us up in his stinging tenticals and exclaims over my unfaithfullness.

He is about to kill the men and have me sent back, somehow he is loving in this and I cry. But then the black tenticaled women attack and we are dropped the men drag me to the saftey of a storm drain. Their attitude to me is strange like I am somehting to be owned but extrememly rare and I am both greatful and resentful.

They move us to a clearing in a woods somehow and there is a lovely lake, I am strangly eleated, a small oriental woman appears and one of the men falls in love with her but is then highly disturbed when he finds out she is one of the aliens.

I then awoke – strange dream again and I wonder at all the human women having disappeared and that the two waring aliens are gender split in this way. The assumtion of the dream was that the female aliens were somehow stronger though unlike the male aliens their human torsos were slight and slender rather than large and muscally – hmmmm.

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