I hate Money

I hate this – I knew we were short of money this month and had told the King so and that we needed more by midway – so imagine my shock when he turns up saying theirs already not enough to pay everything.

The reason?

He’s had to pay £400 into his personal account as they are being arsy even though he he is within his over draft limit, I didn’t even know he’d spent anything from that account – now that means we are £400 short – that is a lot of money.

Not entirely sure what we are going to do now :'(

Just when I thought we were getting ontop of things this happens – he has spent all money I got on Monday for stuff now too – basically becuase it was the only money we had.

Stress levels are high and I know he’s stressing now and when he stresses he can’t work properlly – SHIT SHIT SHIT

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