Does she ever shut up?

My perantal units were staying again and some of the Kings family were staying with the Ancestor next door and I had to do a meal for them all – this was stressfull in its self but then the Maternal Unit did not fucking shut up – oh no it was all – woes me, things are so bad – I can’t do anything becuase of my health and the drs just tell me to control my diabetes and on and on and on.

Then she starts on me, starts on what I am doing at the moment, trying desperatly to engineer things so I end up even more of an invalide – telling me to give things up and not to do things whilst then contradicting herself and telling me I need to get out and do more things. She wouldn’t fucking shut up about how I should claim sickness benifit even though I told her it would make us worse off and things – on and on and on.

And she was so racist in these comments too which had my back right up – I’ve payed my taxes for blah years and all the foriengers get the benifits and you’ve lived here all your life etc.. etc…

She annoyed the King by, again, taking the credit for our wedding and all the organisation when she very nearly screwed the whole thing royally and I was having appaplexy trying to sort it out and she aurgued with me over every aspect of the thing.

She just kept telling us for the whole weekend that what we were doing is wronge – trying to run our own business is wronge – wanting a nice clean home at detriment to my health is wronge (well maybe but I can’t live in a pig sty – I have a toddler!), trying to be an artistist type person is wronge, not looking after the Ancestor is wornge, not moving back into their small very untidy and dirty house is wronge, not turning into her is wronge…. it goes on and on and I was losing it.

Not to mention the amount she talked about the Gremlin – yes I know that they were down visiting us becuase of the hearing about his death which had been canceled so therefore they had a week spare but for god sake I can’t cope with it and she just rams it home – telling everyone how good he was with children for a start.

Then she tried her damnest to sabotarge the Paternal units Birthday celebration and the poor sod was sixty – I could have strangled her I really could have :'(

I think I need to explore a few more of these things in further posts.

She talks utter crap she really does! She tried to get me to take her medication and kept trying to get me to put lotions on myself for various things, then to the patches of skin that are a different pigments on me – some of them are on my neck now and she was going mental at me that I should get them treated – wtf?

Why they don’t hurt or anything and they are not dangerous they are just remnants of her ‘dirty’ mixed blood – she may be ashamed of it but I’m not – yes having patches of darker skin like that isn’t particually attractive but it’s not on my face and I don’t really care – I have many more things to worry about.

I am finding myself increasingly short tempered with her and I keep arguing with her too. She ripped into me once more explaining that I am not writing poetry unless it rhymes etc… Oh and my attempts to do illistration she refered to as boring as all childrens books are about dragons can’t they be about anything else at the moment. She said there weren’t any other themes and that was boring – I tried to explain that the dragons aren’t generally the theme they are either plot device or protagonists but she wouldn’t have any of it – she never does.

On and on and on she went spilling out her bile.


I could write reams and reams of this including her telling me that her pain killers weren’t analgesikcs so I should take them – I couldn’t help but laugh and laugh and laugh at this one.

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