Nightmares on the edge of reason

blood does drip to my knee

soulfully moanfully I seek the sleep

and have I found it yet my friend

the answers long

and i fear the trend

the fiend within

stirs there still

crawling, lurking, waiting to kill

the love I have my, only dream

of a time sublime, and very clean

no pain then and no pain now

only the numbness of the silent sound

the scream ripped from the babe

who was I before you came?

On my knees begging so

I prayed that you would finially go

but when you did it didn’t help

the blood still leaks but I shall tell

Of my story dark and cold

of how I am lost and starkly bold

What do I care for what you took

the child I was lost in a book

that I shall write from my soul

you gave me a strangly worthy goal

can I forgive yet so soon?

I see you there in innocent cartoon

of a bear and a boy

I cringe and cry for this stuffed toy

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