Time is Getting Thin

I feel I have stepped back into the 1940’s or perhapse the 30’s, I have ended up washing things by hand becuase the Walking Skeleton refushed to get the washing machine repaired and off course she doesn’t have a dishwasher – heaven forbid!

There are rituals I do not know – such what types of spoon I have failed yet again to retrieve from the draw and why do I keep getting out the non-silver rubbish? I seem to be expected to produce a three course meal each day no matter what else is going on and I am not allowed to put the nappies in the bins in the house meaning a painful trip outside for me. Everything aches as I wait for yet more test results and she makes me go outside into the cold – I can not sleep, I am now in the part of insomnia where the world is no longer real.

I see the hell of my life reaching out before me and there seems to be no end.

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