The Walking Skeleton is refusing to let me wash the door curtians – which due to the Flood have infact already been washed – in a washing machine! I want to wash them again as our house became infested with insects whilst we were not in it and I want to put the curtian into storage.

Then she tried to blame me for the burn mark on the curtian – the burn mark that was on the dam thing when we moved in and was the result of the curtian over lapping the old storage heater. She also wants curtians back up our windows – erm… but we are waiting for building work to comense? Where is the scense in putting clean curtians up the windows?

She also accused me off braking the lining of the curtian – it turned out she was confused as I have attactched a thermal liner to the thing to try and help us a) keep the house warm and b) not be so destructive to the planet!

To say that my temper is frayed at the moment is – well an understatement of the largest kind :(

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