Dark Elfen Footware

Dear mortals I felt that I your queen should share with you the wonders that are known as Charity Shops. This wonderous heavens for porcalin sheep herders and guilded mirrors occassionally produce the most fantastic of finds.

I have managed to purchase the most fantastic pair of boots for £2.70!!!! They are shiny purple, sort of faded looking – slightly dark parmer violet I suppose you would call it with black flames in shiny reaching up from their pointed toes. They are knee high with a delicate heel that flanges slightly at the bottom.

I just could not believe my luck and have been prancing about in them. Mr Tiger wants me to wear them to the Esteemed capital but I shall not – at least not on ordinary days! He says they are Footwear for the Dark Elfs he has a special name for them which I can not recall in the here and now.

I will however wear them with the slightest provication – now all I need is too be able to walk in them!

I have such small feet as is fitting for an Empress of the Night that I am always startled to find adult style shoes but this also means the shop thinks they can not sell them and so they tend to be cheap :)

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