Jelousy Over Something So Small?

My dear mortals I have been partaking in what I suppose would be called cybersex and I have been doing this with two male friends – one I went to college with and one I have only ever known through the medium of the internet though he has met the King.

Sometimes I have both channels open at once and love bringing them to climax by just saying stuff to them – by typing out what I want them to do to me or me do to them. But I hurt Danish boy today. It never occured to me that he might think of this as an us thing – that he would be jelous if I did it with other people.

I thought I had mentioned the other guy before but the more I explained about it the shorter his responses became. He then asked me to delete the logs of our discussions. This was on the back of him asking me not to tell the girl he’s trying to suduce that we have these ‘sex chats’.

This hurt me slightly as I felt that it should have been obvious that I wouldn’t blurt it out to her and then I started thinking about it and about the fact he disappears sometimes and doesn’t talk to me for an age – I’m pretty sure these corrasponde with when he has a girlfriend.

I understand that it would be a bit off to have our sexual talk whilst he is in a relationship as some may see that as inferdelity but it would be nice to still be seen as a friend.

So now I am wondering about the emotions behind what seemed to be an emotionless piece of fun at the begining – it would appear that all those nasty complex emotions that surround sex within our culture are spilling out into the regions of cyber space – this makes me sad slightly.

I want to explore my sexual nature but if I risk hurting people I’m not sure I can ethically.

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