The ethics of my libedo

A comrade is staying with us – one that I chased with the idea of copulation in my younger days – he is lovely with waist length black straight shiny hair – he is like Armand from the film Interview with a Vampire and he is lushious.

I so I find myself increasingly flirting with him and too my suprise after tentively looking at the King he started to flirt back.

Just as I was starting to get carried away the King whispers in my ear, ‘remember he has a girlfriend’ I come down with a thump. It is one thing to hit upon my single male freinds who know that I am marraide but I should not do it to those I know to be in a closed relationship.

But the flirting continued from his side and the King sighed – that night he told me that the ethical onous was not on me. Morally it is Armands decission – but I feel I am doing something very wronge but have convinced myself that he flirts with me becuase it is safe to do so – I am marrade therefore no threat – I am conventionally off limits.

I am feeling very edgy about my sexuality again full stop at the moment so this is a sticky issue for me.

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