Naughty Doggy Humping Peoples Legs

Naughty doggy got horny again and saw the nicest piece of eye-candy so she went up to him and engaged him in a play fight where her hands would be clasped in his and were he pinned her down and she was happy. But then Master came and got nuaghty doggy and led her upstairs and spanked naughty doggy.

He said that naughty doggy had been very disobedient and had been humping the guests legs – naughty doggy snuggled at Master and nuzzeled his nipple ‘poor doggy horny’ she explained and he smiled at naughty doggy.

Then he claimed her as his own fucking her hard and marking her with a bit on her shoulder as he came into naughty doggy.

Then he spanked her agian for humping guests legs.

Naughty doggy wriggled nexted to him and thought about going down and just humping the guest.

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