Computer Aided Sex

I awoke from the most glourious of dreams – I had been tied to the bed so kneeling legs spread by the purple and black lust loops, wearing my PVC skirt that laces up and the rubber corset with the buckels – all in black of course.

The King was creating with his laptop and so was Armand, they were both naked and typing away sat in seats at the foot of the bed. They seemed not to notice me except Armand looked sideways at the King and he nodded. Armand got up and still talking subject specific jargon at the King came over to me.

He grabbed my hips and pushed his cock into me, rythmically he fucked me whilst all the while talking with the King in a calm way. He grunted as he came pushing harshly into me then he with drew and sat down – he continued to work.

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