Who Am I?

Good question and one that I still have not found an answer to – so for now…

I am Vampyre Queen of the Goths, Lady Consult to the King of the Goths and Mother of the Lady of the Rose. I am the Enchantress of the hidden worlds of the mind and creator of domains.

Seductress of Kings.

I am as nothing yet reach for something.

I realised I had writen somthing appropriate for this page as my first post – so here it is:

I have created this blog to be my alter ego and as a place to show the darker side of me that I hide from my family and most of my friends. A place I can speak my mind, talk about issues taboo to alot of the mortals I find myself surrounded by in this lower pit of hell.

So who is Vampyra?

Well you will just have to wait and see but just as a little look into my black and twisted soul here are a few pointers.

I am unfortunatly prone to self destructive behavour known as shelf harm or injury and as BLOODY STUPID by most people. This blog will hopefully express what I am truely feeling and if not may help me see patterns of behaviour I had previously missed by not writing the insidences down. By this point no doubt you will have detected that I cannot spell and my gramma is non-existant – I really detest the SPELLING MAFFIA so dont bother to read this/comment if you find my writing style aborant. This is about self expression not passing an exam!

As befiting anyone called Vampyra I am sex crazed and obsessed. My sexual deviance isn’t much but enough for it to be confined to the bounds of this media for expression, out of the loving chamber (at least until I find an agent for my storys – watch out world you have no idea what lust is).

I am The Scientific Artist and am quiet frankly screwed uped, something that I wish to explore in this blog also.

You have been warned lesser mortals – those of frail constition may not surive the ride into my projected existance but then they will be mine for always and forever – Mawhahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!